Miss Fab blabs

Miss Fab has expressed interest in doing her own blogging, so here it is…


The days are hot, muggy and sweaty, and the nights are well…basically the same.
When it rains ( not very often ) it is HEAVEN!! So nice and cool……
Lately we have been getting ready for our big trip around the world, we all have our bags sorted,
and we are all getting very exited. I really would like to go to Japan. I’ve never been there before ,I’d really like to visit.
We will be leaving on the 28th of Feb. We are going to Bali first then going to work our way through Asia.

I would love to go to France as well. I have been there before, but I was one year old at the time.

Mum would like to have her birthday in Mexico, but it won’t happen because her birthday is early in the year.
I dont think I have ever been to Mexico, I want to go there too..I want to go a lot of places!!
Hopefully there will be a lot of Chihuahuas there, I am a big dog fan/expert…I really want a dog but we cant
get one right know. But I will definitely get one when I grow up.
But for now I am still young.