Welcome to Flybruary with two feet up

Welcome to Flybruary with two feet up

So, I got my new camera. So, you get a picture of my old camera with my new camera, because that is what was on hand when I opened the box. So, I spent the first day of Flybruary taking ridiculous, nonsense pictures to play around with it.

I love my old baby. It felt a bit like cheating to not use it. The new fella is just that little bit not quite right, not quite how I am used to my camera to be. This button is a bit raised, this wheel is a bit softer, that thing there is weird, the bump here is unfamiliar… you get the picture. This will all settle, but for now its still new.

– What in the world is Flybruary, chick? – mumbles a voice from the blog’s corner

It the month we are in,dude. It says so on my fridge, right there:

See ninjas, geishas, airplanes, houses, balloons, storks…stuff? It has it all, this Flybruary. Thats it, next month we wont be here. Next month we wont be even near here. Wow, its sure feeling very real right now. I am expecting the scary, fearful period to hit me any time now.

But back to the ridiculous pictures one takes with a new camera.

Like, the fan in the bedroom. Fascinating.

The fan with the inbuild flash with rear curtain setting on.

A foot with a flash on.

A foot in natural light.

Two feet lit by natural light.

Hand and foot to finish the set.

The camera has video too, but I will spare you the footage. I am sure I am pushing the limit as to how much insanely fabulous imagery people can handle at one sitting as it is. Dont leave, I promise there will be some good stuff coming up.

The whole thing continued until the dawn of the first day of Holy-Cow-its-Flybruary.  What a waste of button presses.