I was the meal – bug repellents

I was the meal – bug repellents

Things are moving along. Organizing is still happening, stuff is going. The bunk beds are gone and the kids are sleeping on the floor, where they were sleeping before the bunks were gone anyway. They have a habit of changing their dreaming places that way. The last two nights they slept with me and the Dod in the big bed, while Mr.Blab is filling in for them on the floor in the kids room. There is no way all of us were fitting on the bed. Four out of five is plenty.

The bug repellents arrived. I ordered them special from the US of A. After some researching, I found out what seemed to be the best natural spray. Lemon Eucalyptus is the thing to look for, apparently.

So, I have this bug thingy, but I have no way of knowing whether it really works. I needed a plan. I make one up as I go and set it off in motion. Sprayed my legs and arms, took my laptop and sat outside to send off the day – prime blood sucker time.

Since I am so scientific, and a genius really, I had to have a control area, because how can one know if the spray is working or its just the day off for mosquitoes? You cant, unless there is a control. Hence my back was given as that area and got no protection.

It was bad.

When I got back in, my daughter was giving me a very concerned look. I took a peek at the mirror and it was obvious, I was dinner for quite a few hungry lady blood-suckers.

The good news is that I got no bites on my arms and legs. None.

The experiment was a success – I had not wasted my money on crap, and we have protection for our trip.

Two days later, Mr.Blab took a picture of the still obvious evidence. I should have taken one right after I got inside. Ouch!