Jackson Pollock eat your heart out

Jackson Pollock eat your heart out

Painting is fun, a lot of fun, especially if you dont have to clean up after it. So, it pains me to admit, that the kids dont get to paint as much as I probably would like them too. Or they for that matter.

But once in awhile,  the newspapers come out, in a futile attempt to contain the mess, and artistry flourishes before our eyes.

Its probably in bad taste to rant about all the ruined brushes in the house, while showing you glowing pictures of my little man deep in his creative juices, but I will do it anyway. Ok. We had a few sets of brushes around, some for the kids to do their thing, and a select few for me. The reason being is that brushes need to be nicely cleaned after use and then dried up, so they stay supple and are pleasant to use. Well, guess how many supple brushes are in the house? One. And its not one of mine either, rather a forgotten one that had fallen in a crack of the drawer. All the other ones you can stab your eye out with, if that is your desire.

Luckily, the kids dont care much, which I adore, unless they get their grubby little fingers on my supple brushes. Then, I dont like it as much.

The girls were actually painting… mostly.

The boy…

What is he looking at so concentrated…

The mind blowing artistry of his siblings?

Nah, he was learning how to make goo quality mess.

Also known as: making bubbles with the paint tubes.

Then he put it down on paper, because he is an artiste.

Even without a supple brush.