I got my backpack and another productive day

I got my backpack and another productive day

Another few things are off the To Do list. Backpacks for Mr.Blab and myself. After a long and wide search, lots of thinking and discussions we decided on a brand. Sorry, but you will have to wait a bit for the full show and story. I dont feel like writing it tonight.

Its becoming more and more real, this journey of ours. The house is emptying, be it slowly. Its upside down, be it disgustingly upside down AND dirty. No, filthy. Seriously, its in horrible shape, so much so, that I was thinking last night, what if we get a fire or something and people need to come over and like save us…we may end up on one of those current affair shows, as the horrible parents – you know, pictures of the filthy house and people wowing in horror of how could anyone live this way. Thats where we are.

But I got a backpack.

(the picture above is taken after a good scrub of the mirror, only then could you see what I am taking a picture of)

Also today, I had my interview for the extended stay visa for the US. Thankfully that went as easy as pie, even though procedures have been quite drastically tightened, even from my days of traveling on a measly eastern European passport. Now, it seams, we are all considered deadly dangerous.

The other thing that got sorted is a financial one. Looking for the best rates and flexibility for the dough, meant that I found out that we are not getting the most out of it, so changes needed to be made. But banks are not human, banks make things hard, banks are anti-people really. So I sent Mr.Blab to deal with it, while I took the kids to play with iPads at the Apple store nearby.

Dilly-dallying, not by me, about our departure date, meant that we missed the cheap flights and will have to pay $100 more. Mr.Blab, the millionaire, shrugs his shoulders, like its nothing, while I am in a “tight arse” mode and am not appreciating his attitude on the matter. I envision this will be an issue between us on this trip. I hope I am wrong.

At least I got my backpack – no thousand zips and dangly bits, no horrible colors, no shiny fabric. Just like me, there is nothing shiny about me. And no, I dont mean that in a bad way.

This also may be the last picture of my camera, as I have a new one coming my way. I decided to do a slight upgrade, so I sold my fancy unused telephoto lens and got a dreamy wide-angle lens and an upgrade.