Mr.Blab and Miss Fab got up early – like 5am – and took our loaded to the roof car with stuff for sale, and set off to the swap meet. This is usually a carpark where people rent a car spot  or more, and try to sell off whatever they have to the big crowds of people in search of a bargain.

I just got off the phone with them and apparently they are doing great. I am crossing my fingers they come back with very little, that was our agreement last night, sell off, make deals, unload.

Otherwise we are doing quite well with the selling part. From the big stuff we have sold the old guinea pig cage, the train table, the cot (that never got used), the TV cabinet, the bunk beds, the old fridge and washing machine, an evaporative cooler and a chest of drawers. Our neighbour seemed interested in a TV and a big fan we have, and even maybe in the couch; that will be a good and easy sale.

Also gone are old kid movies, unused Wii games and other small bits and pieces.

And we have barely made a dent. Yes, there is a bit more space in the house and in the garage, but there is a lot more to go.

This is a tiring and involved process and the only one that is keeping us from leaving early in the next month. As of this moment we are looking into a flight on the 28th of Feb. This should give us enough time to liquidize as much as possible and to organize the sale of the car and other bits and pieces.

Wish us luck and send our way a lot of eager buyers. K?

P.S. They made $381, which means they will do it again next week. And the next…