Children and sleep – a delicious combination

Children and sleep – a delicious combination

The other day, in order to cool off a bit from the heat that was engulfing me, I went outside and sprinkled myself with the hose, then to complete the process, entered the intentionally dark bedroom and laid in the bed under the fan. Aaaaaah.

Closed my eyes and enjoyed the chill that the moisture was sending through my body.

Not long after, I hear thumps and the door opens. A sneaky giggle follows, sort of like “He-he-he, gotcha”, “He-he-he, all my Christmases have come into one”. Its the best giggle ever and always makes me smile.

A butt naked boy climbs into the bed, lays next to me and still giggling with anticipation says “Tzi-tzi” (boobies).

And there we are, under the fan, in the quiet dark room, enjoying our own things.

Few minutes later the boy is fast asleep.

If you are a parent, I dont have to explain how the sight of your child sleeping feels.  Its like no other, its unique type of joy, a quiet and mysterious one.

I am still not sure what makes it so good, but its probably knowing that the thing that is most precious to you is safe, satisfied and content. It doesnt need anything, it is not uncomfortable and you can take a few completely free breaths.

I could feel the warm gooey pleasure spread through my body and relax a lot of the hidden corners around it.

If I could bottle it…