A month and a half before departure

…or thereabouts and my computer busted a gut. Can you believe it?! Like there was a better time to deal with computer issues, cause I am sure if there was, my computer would have chosen it. I dont get  furious and out of patience often, but this had me whining all day, and boy, I am good at it apparently.

Usually I sort these kind of problems myself, not because I am so technologically knowledgeable, but because I cant bring myself to pay the outrageous fees tech guys ask for. The other day was different, I just sent Mr.Blab to the local shop and didnt care. He ended up there 3 times, because issues just kept on coming and not being sorted. A new power source in and it continued to be unresponsive. I decided I wont be paying more for my pile of an old computer to be put together with temp glue and buried it mentally. Unfortunately, it had two hard drives, which had stuff on them that I would rather not loose – photos, information I had gathered for the trip, emails, contacts and the like.

A bit of reading, which I couldnt escape in the end, and I ordered a cable which will allow me to read the drives with my laptop and see if something could be salvaged.

The lesson to you? Back-up. But not I will do it later, when life is perfect kind of backup. Really do it.

Today, I finally got the much needed extra external hard drive I needed and backed up my laptop, which was way past due. Not only that, but I got a portable hard drive for the trip.

Other than this stumble, things are moving along. We got the backpack situation sorted out. The kids have theirs, and that is not a small feat, especially for Little B. The ones that fit her nicely are able to hold a pair of pencils at the most. The rest just hang on her. Luckily we found one that with a bit of work from me will be great. Miss Fab was easier. We also ordered our big packs, for which I will write when they arrive.

A very good development has been our discovery of a cheap accomodation in Japan. If you have ever tried to do that, you will know how hard it is. Anything under $100 is impossible to find. Well, the place I stumbled upon works out to about $40, for all five of us. So at this stage the plan is to stay in Kyoto for about 3-4 weeks, and we are feeling very giddy about that.

Passports are sorted, as well as various boring bureaucratic items on the list.

Packing has started. A bit early, but it feels good. At the moment its mostly books that are being re-homed. But hopefully soon the house will be just about ready and most of the furniture gone. Having checked all the storage options, none are reasonable and now we have to fit in the smallest space offered, which means that just about all the big items we dont love will have to go, which in turn means that just about all of them will go.

And that is all I can think of at this stage and at this hour of the night – about 2am.

Remember the lesson – backup!

And smile a bit more ;)