I arrived safe and sound home last night!

The girls were holding up a handmade sign and seeing them running towards me was enough to get the tears going. Ohhh….the feeling of hugging them was entirely too good to be true! I think we stayed in front of the gate for awhile, hugging and kissing. Mr Blab in the background, videotaping and looking like he is about the sob as well.

When we made our way to the car and back home, I realized how freezing cold it is down here. It was cold! You have to remember that I spent the last week in LA, where it was a fight with heat and sweat…

This morning I stepped on the scales to see what the damage has been from all this eating…not good. About as bad as I expected. I must have eaten my way through the world ;)

I have heaps of pictures to sort and to update you on the US part of this trip before I forget everything. I hope to do that fast.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey. It was that much more fun to share it with you.

Big hugs!