Still alive

I guess New York got the best of me or maybe the pregnancy is finally starting to affect me, because as soon as I get back to the hotel and have a shower I am dead to the world. True, I dont stop all day, but still, this is extreme for me.

Last night I had a whine fest to Mr Blab, complaining about how I am extra tired and no one to pack all my crap for the next leg of the trip. Its getting harder and harder to fit all the puzzle pieces of it, so it works.

For those who asked, he is doing great. Or at least says so. Still, he might be excited to have me back, as I hear the frozen meals I had prepared are running low. He probably misses my “food preparation” (Homer Simpson).

Anyway, I may have to fit New York into one mega post, as I am already 3 days behind and there is no way I can catch up with it, as I see.

Chicago flight in a few hours. I arrive at JFK a bit early, so will work on pictures at least while waiting.

And my belly is huge! I think I am growing an elephant at least…