Perth – Mmmm in the Swan Valley

Perth – Mmmm in the Swan Valley

I am not sure I remember how to do this, it seems like I have been away for so long. So I sit here, hoping my brain kicks in gear when I start to write, and that I will manage to string together a few paragraphs that will make sense, yes, that is how high I am aiming, forget about inspiring words and interesting thoughts.

Its one thing to visit a place, and its another thing to live in it. I am one of those people that finds it hard to guide people that drop by Perth for a quick visit, as to what they should do while here. There is stuff, lots of stuff, large variety of mostly touristy, and the suitability of most dependent highly on individual tastes – museums, raves, The Mint, talks, performances, aquarium, restaurants and the list can go on and on, Perth is not a little town after all. Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world, baby. We rock, but nobody can hear.

MyNina’s visit made me think, and to tell the truth, I had no concrete ideas about what we should do while she was here.  I was relying on the wind of friendly creative atmosphere to blow some inspiration up my behind, or things to just puzzle in together somehow. Our relationship has been as easy going as they come, so my expectations were not as flaky as they may sound.

And it all happened as I thought.

We started slow and steady with a drive to the Swan Valley through the wine region nearby.

For those of you that dont know what happens when you visit wineries, I can give you a small clue..

You drink wine.

I remembered a wonderful spot at one of the wineries and we headed there. Since it was a weekday, the place was peaceful and we got relaxed and attentive service while tasting a bunch of fermented grapes. Ok, none of us are wine aficionados, but we surely had some fun with it, especially Nina, who unknowingly or not, did not use the chucking chutes (if they are not, they should be called that) as much as me.  Sipping, swirling and trying to look serious, we mostly laughed at our ignorance on the subject of sour grapes, but surprisingly, collectively we managed to pull together our knowledge and had quite a successful tasting.

With MyNina slightly wooed next to me, we boldly decided to have lunch at the restaurant next door, an establishment that looked a bit posher than we had in mind. But with wine glassed eyes and views that clouded our senses we succumbed to it all and gave in.

The view was as good as I remembered it.

And any place that starts our relationship with cute little breads and beautifully rolled soft butter, gets my fully undivided good will. Things started on the right foot.

MyNina still holding on to some hopes of avoiding my camera ;)

Poor lovely soul.

Then the food arrived.

Two plates cutting the air on their way to us.

We went with simple sharing food – a tasting plate and some bread with dip and dukkah.

I dont know what to say about it, other than to convey the conversation that went on while we were eating.

Nina: Mmmm!…mmmmm

Me: Mmmmmm….you have to try this!

Nina: This?…Mmmmm…mmm

Me: (chewing)

Nina: Oh, this is wonderful…mmmm

Me: Mm! Mm!

See that little bowl in the middle of the tasting place? Covered a bit by the bread? This was DI-VINE. Period. The bread slightly toasted and still warm went perfectly with the little bites of goodness in front of us.

Then we went on to taste some desert wines and with a bottle of unwooded Chardonnay in hand we left to visit different winery.

The wines here were overpriced and not that great really, so we didnt buy the planned red, but we looked around and even managed to squeeze in some art with the underground gallery and museum that they had available. Tick and tick.

A bit of a drive and we were in Guildford, an older style area which is fun to visit. It was time for a wake-up, sober-up coffee, so we did just that. An affogato for me and flat white for her and the life forces were back in balance.

That is until we tasted this:

I bought it under duress, as there was a minimum for using my card, which was not reached with our coffee orders. I saw this baked ricotta log and made it ours. Then came the taste…and pause and silence…until we decided that it tasted like cardboard and slowly put our forks down in fear they may jump about and stuff more of this horrible thing in our mouths. Yuck!

This was followed by a stroll through Guildford and a compulsory visit to one of our favorite used bookstores, as well as antique shop walk through.

Back home with our wine and the wonderful book I got from Guildford, it was time to relax yet again.

The Dodman shamelessly greeted us butt naked.

He took a liking to Nina straight away and was giving her loving looks and knowing smirks.

So after starting his favorite empty-moms-wallet activity..

He decided to give Nina the contents of my bag!

I sure hope that is not a sign of things to come.