Surfing, paper, creativity and sharing

Surfing, paper, creativity and sharing

I am an erratic net surfer. Not because I dont know  what I am after, but because I am interested in, well, everything. Mozilla, Firefox with their tabbed browsing were made for people like me and its a testament to how much I use the with-middle-click-open-new-tab that now my wheel click does not work. I rest my case.

Today I thought I will share some of my side roads just because they show so well how much creativity is out there. I love it, it makes me feel uplifted and capable, in a similar way that watching documentaries of wars and atrocities brings me down. It has probably something to do with identifying myself with the people that do these things, part of the human family and all.

What can be done with paper? More than any of us can imagine.

First we look at those toilet paper rolls that end up in the bin. Source for creativity? I think so. I very much think so – just look at these:

You can see a lot more of these at the Behance Network


I love paper sculptures. I made a few myself years ago, but every time I see some, I am lost for words. Its so beautiful, and yet, so simple, as most wonderful things are. Simple, as in just paper and a few tools, no in simple, as its just a breeze to make.

I present to you the art of Carlos Meira:

More of these you can savor at the Living Design site, or at his website, which in itself is a little gem, or you can go to his blog and if you know Spanish, other than making me jealous, you can actually read some of what seems to be quite interesting insight from Carlos Meira.


Last, but as you guessed it, not least its this desk that left me with a grin on my face for half a day. What an inspired idea! It is a helpdesk at the TU Delft Architecture Library made out of books, but of course. I love this so much, I plan to do it eventually in our house somewhere.

To see more photos of the library, follow this doorway.