Two bears in the family

Two bears in the family

It was the night of the long awaited performance. After weeks of preparations, sewing bear costume and ears, reading about bear make-up, organizing the drinks and food for the intermission… it was the night when it all had to come together. I will not be fully truthful if I didnt admit that the whole process was enjoyable. The women I had to work with are dear friends of mine that bring me pleasure to converse with. So, a bunch of hours, chatting, laughing and drinking teas and coffees while doing all that other stuff on the side, can hardly qualify for a hard work. But lets keep that between us, maybe I can milk that overworked mother role a bit.

If you remember, Miss Fab went for the Baloo role at the beginning and didnt get it. That crushed her, but she was so enthusiastic and knew the lines for her and Baloo’s characters, that when the boy that had it started shirking, she actually got the role. I wish I could say, I knew it all along, but I will save you the lies. I didnt. I was mostly trying to help her deal with the loss and how we cant always get what we want (anybody else have Mick Jagger singing in their head?), just didnt want her hopes to get too high, and then she goes and actually wins the spot. I stand corrected and shamed in the corner.

Little B, the big fan of her sister that she is, insisted of having a bear costume as well, not unlike a regular crazed fan would dress when their idol performs. I didnt fight that request and whipped her one. I can try to explain how cute it all felt, but I am sure words will fail me.

She didnt take off the suit from the time I made it, till the day after the performance.

We took our seats at the theater.

We took our seats at the theater…

And there she was, my little, but not so much anymore, girl. She had so much confidence and looked so relaxed and in control that my heart fluttered with pride watching her. On the way home afterwords she said that she felt very nervous before going on stage, but as soon as she got on it, it all disappeared and she had fun. And I could see that from my seat in the darkness.

She wanted it, she worked for it, she got it and did it well. A lot of adults have trouble with that seemingly simple formula; most likely myself included.

Little B was busy watching the show, while the Dod  decided that going up and down the stairs was a much better option. And thats what he did. I have a suspicion that he decided at some point to just go on stage and gave it a try.

Thankfully for everyone concerned he is still way too small and lacking lateral thinking to figure out that there were stairs to the side.  He gave it a good go though and got close enough.

I dont know what I will do with those determined children.

I hope its a good thing, else I am in trouble.