Two carrots, or was it years, down

Two carrots, or was it years, down

Its official, the little man is now multiple years, his singleton times are over to never come back.

This year we went simple and understated – just a few friends over to mark his special day. And when I say simple, I mean it. This is not one of those times when people say that and then follows an array of handcrafted streamers and embroidered monogram napkins. When I say it, I am serious – there were no invitations, no decorations, no gifts, no special foods.

I stuck to basics and to our latest favorite big pita bread and I made an old hit to go with it – a hot spinach and artichoke dip. A lot, lot of butter to go around melting on chunks of broken up bread and life was grand. Not sure what it is, but the pleasure and comfort of freshly baked warm bread shared around is not easily beaten.

My simple offering turned into a finger licking hit with everyone and proved yet again, that sometimes the best things are as basic as they come.

Birthday boy was practicing his knife skills.

Most importantly though, there was a lot of play.

With water, to wet the clothes.

Sneaky fun with buddies in the tipi.

Funnily enough, as the cake showed up, the kids dropped everything and lined up around it like solders. I think nothing else can do that so efficiently. The power of the cake, ta-da!

I made the same cake as last year, but this time much simpler. I tried my luck with candied carrots. I am not sure my attempt worked, but nothing was left of the cake, so I am not going to duel on it.

Then back to play and chatter with friends.

Dod showed the kids the pit in the middle of the driveway and where people in the know go to play. I dont think there were any little guests that left clean and dry ;)

But unfortunately they left eventually.

Simple or not, the day was exciting and fun in a wonderfully understated way. The main character was wasted and out of it at the first possible moment. A sign of good times had, I suppose ;)

Since we are talking basic, one basic thing I will miss from these days is naps caught on my chest, the heavy head squishing a soft cheek on me and close enough for my kisses to reach it. I know the race is usually to have that head rest on a pillow somewhere in a carefully crafted kids room, but I am backwards and weird as usual, and I am slowly walking the other way.

I love it. So there!

This age can be challenging, not all is fairies and sweet smelling strands of hair, but which stage isnt? Waiting for the time when kids are just perfect for us to enjoy them seems such a loss. It implies somehow that we have it all figured out, this thing called life, and only our way of perceiving it is the right way. Enjoyment can be achieved only on our terms. Yet, I am often pleasantly surprised by kids of all ages.

Some of them at 2 years of age.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little carrot.

Let two carrots be double the fun of one ;)