Boing 767 – Australia to Japan

Boing 767 – Australia to Japan

I am exhausted. My eyes are sore from the tears and my body is aching for some rest. Luckily, the flight is not full and I have no one next to me. I will be able to spread my pregnant body over the two seats and hopefully get some sleep.

The send off was hard.
All went great, we even got a Costanza parking spot, right in front of the gate for checking in – I kept on saying “someone stop us!”. It is rather rare to get a good spot at the airports.
Very few people at the check in and that was sweet and easy.

Then it was time to search out for the promised hot chocolate. I even ordered a fancy coffee of some sort with whipped cream on top. That went well with the kids and Mr.Blab enjoyed his ice chocolate.

Off to the newsagent to kill some more time. A nice area with four little cube stools provided the perfect spot to read the kids their ‘bedtime stories’. They picked a few from the selections and there was even a story about a poo and one of the animals ended up in one.

It was time to say our good byes…not easy. Big sister already had tears in her eyes and mine were not far behind. She really had some crying to do, my wonderful little treasure. Which of course didnt help my matters. Mr. Blab tried to be strong, but didnt work. The little one asked me: “whats with that?” pointing at my tears. And later on “why are you crying?”. Thankfully she didnt quite grasp what was happening, although I think at the end she kind of sensed something was out of the ordinary.

Hard part. Really hard.

I am not a pretty crier. I get red puffy eyes and nose. The skin around my eyes ends up with red splotches, like a terrible reaction to my toxic tears. So that is how I looked going through customs and security. I wondered if the passport checking guy will double take on the photo, but thankfully all went smoothly.

Lift off was on time. Few more quiet tears, only because I am a hormonally disturbed pregnant woman… I am smelling the food is on its way…


“Would you like roast beef or Japanese…”

I didnt even hear the rest of the option. Japanese something it is! I love how they try to serve something from the country where the flight is to. I wonder if on my way to Amsterdam, they will serve pot cake. I wonder.

It turned out to be a lovely Japanese chicken curry with salad. The green tea was delicious too.
8 out of 10

As soon as the dreaded tray is taken off my hands, I am off to lala land, hopefully. My eyes are pretty sore at the moment. I hope my girl has gotten to sleep without a hitch.

Laptop and shoes off. Sleep, please take me.


You make the best laying spot you can on the two minuscule seats your luck has provided, put on your eye shades and relax as much as you can. After a bit of time to adjust to the sheer uncomfortable position you needed to twist your body to fit – you drift off to sleep…

WHAAAAAA! WHAAAAA! – caugh – caugh – WHAAAA!

Oh, nooo. There is a baby right on top of your head, screaming theirs off. The sleep you try to hang on for dear life is gone, despite your careful breathing techniques.
That was the end of my perfect ending for the start of this trip. I spent the rest of the night just resting and the poor little fella was crying out every 5 minutes once or twice and then he was quiet.
I think at the end I managed to snooze off for a bit, or at least I hope so.

Scrambled eggs or Japanese breakfast?
You know the drill by now.

Soy Glazed Salmon with Sesame Rice

The bun was a sweet one with some fruit inside and the fish was a bit sweeter than I would have liked it, but the whole thing was very pleasant.
7 out of 10

43 minutes to Destination.