Carb addicts danger warning

Carb addicts danger warning

The dangers of looking through recipes, seemingly innocently, is that you could end up stumbling on some that should only belong in a feedlot for fatties. I did just that and now I am paying for it with a belly full of carbs. This recipe is deadly if you are at all concerned about your blood sugars, jiggly behind or extra padding of any kind. Stay away!

Now that you have been warned, I can give you this bread recipe, which is in translation from Bulgarian. We, like a lot of older cultures, have a lot of traditions around big breads. The only tradition I have done with this particular one is – to eat it, aka shove it in my mouth with a big blob of butter melted on top of it. You are free to make your own, though.

400ml of warm water
1 1/2 tbs yeast
1 tbs sugar

mix and let it stand until foamy

4 eggs
1 tbs salt

whisk  and add to the first mixture

3 tbs of natural yogurt
1/4 tsp of bicarb soda

mix and it will get frothy – add to the big mixture


1/2 cup of oil
1 kg of flour

Knead into a smooth dough. Leave to rest for a few minutes.

Separate into four parts.
Roll the first section  flat roughly and brush generously with melted butter. Roll the next and put on top and brush with the butter. Do the same with the other two.

Fold the layered dough lengthwise and then twist it (like you are wringing your laundry) into a snail shape, into a deep baking pan.
Leave to rise. It will more than double in size.

Brush the top with a mixture of egg yolk (you can save one from the 4 eggs in the recipe) and oil. Grind some sea salt on top and bake in a preheated oven for about 25-30min or until it looks cooked. Feel free to poke it with a wooden stick to check that its cooked. Time seems to vary.

This bread doesnt need anything but a big blob of butter, although last time we were more adventurous and went all wild with some cheese, tomatoes and cucumber to go with it, as well as fresh guacamole. But seriously, those were there only to add some nutrition to the meal.

Butter and fresh warm bread…

Need I say more?

I didnt think so.

It was all like heaven on a stick until Miss Fab got stung by a bee, or more precisely, stepped on a bee and it decided to sting her for it. Thankfully nothing too bad, just a bit of pain, which was helped by some cold treatment.

There was a naked dude running around and eating our bread too. Not sure where he came from, but he had no shame. Not even a little. Shlap-shlap, went the little feet on the floor, carrying the bared body above it.

But the hero was another bun.

High on carbs, I could not focus on anything else but the sweet liquid of the melting butter soaking the strands of bread and calling for me to relieve them of their load.

I complied. I am a helping kind of gal, I cannot help it.