Trip ripples

Trip ripples

In theory, dropping everything and going off on a trip for a year sounds straight forward, almost effortless. A lot like throwing the garbage, I guess.

In reality, or at least our reality, in which we have to suck out all the value we have out of everything we have, with all the time we have, its not quite so effortless. It involves a lot of boxes, a lot of digging, a lot of sorting, a lot of thinking in big puzzles. Then these puzzles have little puzzles in them that need sorting and make the job even less light and easy.

The big job of sorting out the garage contents has started. There are a lot of boxes with all sort of things in them and as much as we have avoided meeting them in person in the last few years, now its time for face to face, heart to heart. It goes a bit like: You go…you stay…go…OUT!…mmm…dunno…Oooooh, I forgot about this…

A lot of liquidation needs to happen, before our trip can become a reality. There is a lot of work ahead of us and even if we dont end up going, it will feel so good to have this out of our heads.

Digging through things bring up memories as well, which is the nice part about this whole mess. There IS one, thankfully. If we make money, that will be the second one. But for now, spraying refresher on the memory banks is quite enjoyable.

Like the pipe that marks the start for our love story:

Or the top of the cake for my 30th birthday. The best birthday ever, organizing lovingly, thoughtfully and perfectly by Mr.Blab. I had completely forgotten that I save it, so I had a good pause and re-winded the events through my mind as I stared at the contents of the box.

The girls have started a pile in their room that will go to raising money. I have prepared the train table to be ready for a new home and hope my friend is still interested. There are other boxes filling up with unused toys, clothes and whatever really.

Its not only money raising activity though. Its money saving as well.

If we go, we will need to store the left over furniture and stuff until we come back. This costs money and more than you would be thinking. Obviously, the more one stores, the more one pays.

And in the end it turns out that whatever we decide to keep: first of all, will not make us any money, and second of all, will cost us money. It will have to be well worth it. Which is actually a very nice way of looking at the stuff that surrounds us. I so hope in the end we finish this crazy process with a small pile of things we truly care for.

This is where we are at the moment. There are a few things going on in the background too – like searching for storage, sorting out shares and taxes, looking for connections around the world. I am also still trying to finish up the update of this blog, the one that has been long awaited by me , because otherwise it will have to wait even longer. I am most certainly not burying myself in codes and blog decisions while on a trip. Not by choice, anyway.

The dream is still alive. Lets see what will happen to it.