I can smell spring in the air

I can smell spring in the air

Everything is awakening in the garden – the almond tree is blossoming, the flowers are coloring the green of the grasses around the place, and sway in the breeze, as a choir, singing tunes for spring to find her way back here.

I noticed it the last few days and yesterday in the late afternoon I grabbed the camera and went out to see if I can find something interesting.

My assistant followed me around and smelled himself silly on the trippy plants.

And when I stopped taking pictures, he was not happy and demanded I get my act together and start snapping again.

Slave driver!

Until he was distracted by another flower in need of sniffing…

He is the only male with a short attention span that I find endearing.

I also love how he snuggles in me, rubs himself on me like a cat. Now that I think of it he is the only male that would be allowed to stick around after such behaviour, as well.  Double standard?

You bet!

Back to the issue on hand, though.

Sorry winter, but you have nothing like this:

So, bon voyage!





Mr.Blab: We have flowers?!  ;)