From a scarf to a bag

From a scarf to a bag

Here is another idea for you. Make a bag from a lovely woolen scarf. How? Follow these directions.

1. Go to the local op-shop and find a beautiful long woolen scarf.

2. Pay the $2

3. Leave the scarf in the laundry, so you dont forget to wash it, before letting the kids wear it.

4. Get yourselves a Mr.Blab (dont skip this step!) and let the said person loose around your house.

5. (this step is automatic, so dont worry about it) Mr.Blab will need to do some whites and will grab the scarf and chuck it in with the rest of the stuff, thus felting it.

6. It will take you a few minutes to figure out what in the world is the stiff woolen rectangle on the drying line.

7. Laugh.

8. Now you can dispose of your copy of Mr.Blab.

9. Toss around the piece of what looks like unusable use-to-be-scarf. Looks nice, but what can you do with it? Fold here, fold there – a hat, a collar, a weird short vest…a bag?!

10. Crochet handle out of wool and felt it.

11. Stitch the sides of the bag. Sew a button and cut a hole for it.

12.  Put a bar of chocolate and a book in it, wrap it and give it as a gift.


As I always try to remind the kids, mistakes can often turn into great things.
All it takes is for us to look for them.