Forts, corns and late night dancing

Forts, corns and late night dancing

This day, like many others, started with an activity we like to call building forts, but in reality its probably more a case of bring everything you can to this one spot and throw the stuff that doesnt fit on top of the other stuff and then make sure you havent left anything in the other rooms, or else bring that in too and plop it on top. Then crawl through it. See! A fort! Not many people can get through it.

Dont forget to park your horse somewhere too.

Maybe because the start was all messy, or maybe because the house is beyond messy lately, as we have been trying to sort through long forgotten piles of things, but I was faced with more stuff later. Ok, we have collected an embarrassing amount of clothes through the years. Not for me and Mr.Blab, but kids clothes. A lot of it has come in handy and been used on all the kiddos, but it was in need of culling, so that is what we did. A bag for giving away, a bag of there may be a buck in this , which hopefully will raise our spending budget for this trip that is starting to settle into our hearts in a way that will be hard to shake off lightly now. And a bag of there may be two bucks in this, which might go up on Ebay or somewhere that dont rip you off for not being lucky enough to sell.

Corn was had too.

Bags of frozen corn and peas are a necessity here. The kids love them, sometimes just frozen, other times slightly unfrozen, but never fully defrosted. Never.

They can be enjoyed walking around in a container given to you by busy sisters, aka. whatever they could grab in a quicky. This approach is rather leisurely and affords the consumer the ability to sprinkle the corn on the carpet with ease, which extends the pleasure gained from the activity. Step one – shove in mouth. Step two – seed the carpet.

The girls, on the other hand, had given themselves a lovely serving dish. Genius, if you ask me. It was elongated with two compartments and thus perfect for both of them to enjoy AND reach the snack from the ends of the table. They spent most of the day playing games, after rising out from the fort that is.

Since it was movie night, I had the random idea to bake some pies. Small pies filled with chocolate and topped with the fresh strawberries we had waiting in the fridge. The problem was that I had never made such a thing, I rarely bake, really. This has never stopped me, so I dug some recipe out and went for it.

I blind baked, people, in some pan I found in the back of my pantry, since I have no pie pans…doh.

The girls enjoyed the play dough.

Sausage roll, anyone?

So, I burned the crusts.

I wasnt paying attention to the little fellas and they turned on me. But let me tell you, the chocolate filling was delicious, and so were the sweet flavoursome strawberries and the fluffy freshly whipped cream.

We enjoyed those with our regular bowl of popped corn and Mr.Blab’s choice of movie – South Pacific.

I snapped a few screen-shots for you.

After awhile I noticed something.

This is an inspiration board for future gay-parade costume designers.

Its interesting how quickly tastes and aesthetics change.

What was mainstream yesterday is on the fringes today.
And vice versa.

During the long, 2.5 hour movie, I also managed to crochet the handle of a bag I was doing, as a birthday gift for one of Miss Fab’s friends. I will get into that in a different post, though.

After the movie, late into the evening, we disassemble the floor set up of pads, pillows and blankets, as we dont use the couch for sitting purposes – the couch is for climbing purposes only. I played the video that was opened on my laptop “Dancing in the Moonlight” and Little B, in true for her style, went for it. She still has the free spirit to feel the music without any inhibitions and we love watching her. It almost makes me feel more alive, witnessing her dancing spirit.

To complete the picture, I have provided you with the actual background music ;)

Have a wonderful day and lets all be a little bit less concerned with who is watching.