The Wedding – a quick run through the main event

The Wedding – a quick run through the main event

This is the all encompassing post about the wedding that caused all this travel for me ;)

I have quickly chosen some pictures to try and give you a visual of the day and more.

A wedding doesnt just happen, unless I imagine you hire a very expensive planner to do it for you, while you go to spas and care for your beauty sleep. There are gazillions of things to be done and organized and in this case, the bride had taken most of them under her shoulder – including gluing invitations and menus, buying and designing decorations and all those small things that need to be done. Lists, graphs, budgets, scenarios for everyone in charge, run throughs step by step, task lists and all sorts of managements tools were put to use.

The little prince got his own mini dad costume.

The bride had numerous dress issues, which in the end were not completely resolved. This all involves running from here to there and of course getting undressed ;)

Weddings here are done differently than how they are done in the west. Traditional ones even more so, but my friend trimmed up the more obscure and cringe causing ones, so we were left with a more modern version of a wedding in the end.

For some reason, couples have to do the official signing before they do their church wedding. That signing is done at a local public administration building. We finished that 3 days before the church and dinner celebrations.

Some couples do that before going off to the church and squeeze it all in one day. This one had a quick and intimate official part. Only the parents of the bride were the guests.

Then we relaxed and went up to a beautiful spot for a celebratory lunch.

Then it was back to final preparations and onto the main day.

The Sunday starts leisurely and we are off to her parents place to get ready.

My friend is surprisingly relaxed until just before its time to leave. The groom arrived and the lounge room was not perfectly ready. 5 minutes of anxious nerves and held back tears and all was back to normal.

Plop in the limo and off to the church…

My position was in the back with the other bridesmaids, but I squeezed through to snap a few pictures quickly. The ceremony went for about 20-25 minutes.

Then back to the limo and off to the party.

Not before some rest at the hotel room. Some rushed pictures involving a not very eager groom in the beautiful garden followed.

Then the party began.

All in all a beautiful celebration of these two people’s love. I think she did a wonderful job with the organizations and decisions. Everything went to plan. Except the flame twirler who showed up a bit late. She was the “gift” performance for the parents of the bride and groom

I wish them all the best and a long long long happy time together. It was a pleasure to be part of it all, although I found the urges to be just a bridesmaid and just a photographer a bit contrasting and couldnt quite find the balance for myself.

Love you, Kitka!

By the way, I have safely arrived in London and will be out and about on my first full day of exploring shortly.