Leaving the house in 6 hours

What a beautiful day!

It has been sunny and pleasant since the morning. A wonderful send off and a great time to be running around the house like nuts trying to get things sorted. But thats what happens when you leave things till the very end.

The girls and I made a big map of the world and a little airplane with a crazy long haired rabbit on it and they can ‘travel’ with me around the world, updating the map as I go. Very exciting for the little fellas.

So what does one do on the day of their departure? I tried to sleep in, but couldnt. Had some coffee and procrastinated some. Then laundry was in order, cause its not fun to travel with stinky clothes, especially if it can be avoided. Doing a map and plane for the kids. Throwing some stuff on the designated pile area for the suitcase as they come to my head and I remember things. Computer crap needs to be sorted and prepared, as Mr. Blab is not good at it at all – eg. make sure our video calls are set up and ready to go. Documents, tickets, maps, reservations and money all set up and ready to go. My backpack padded and set up for the camera and gazillion tons of technology I will be carting around…

Subway lunch delivered by Mr.Blab – wonderful work, honey.

I need to do some grooming as well, so I feel lovely in my cramped seat on the plane. So that is the next step – bathroom, here I come.

Yes, I still havent packed.