Let it snow, let it snow…let it snow

Let it snow, let it snow…let it snow

I have saved one of my favorite sets of pictures for the eve of the new year. The new year that we hope will bring us a lot of adventure and wonderful experiences.

It was the dawn of a summer day and we had opened up the house to get some air in. I took my cup of coffee and got out in the front veranda to enjoy the view. Two naked kids and one big one followed.

Flowers kept on collecting next to me – gifts.

Those make a perfect…snow too.  So I grabbed a few handfuls and threw them at the little one.

He liked it.

He liked snow a lot.

My coffee was getting smaller and the piles of gifted flowers was growing, about as quick as the smile on my face.

It was snowing – the girls were bringing it, the boy was loving it.

When you want snow, make it.

When your hair calls for white speckles of fun and wonder, dont pretend you dont hear, deliver.

There was a saying that life is not measured in the breaths we take, but in the moments that take our breath away.

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a lot of breath taking moments for the incoming year.

And for every year that follows.


Its easy. Let it snow!