Carols by “candle”light

Carols by “candle”light

This year we decided to try one of those events. They are very popular here and are all over the city. The weather was perfect for a night out, so we grabbed a bunch of water and strolled to the park.

There are no candles at the Carols by Candlelight. Instead, there are battery operated candle look-alikes. Maybe I am old fashioned, or just a child of a period when safety meant “know what you are doing and try not to kill yourself”, but the new version of  “nothing is safe, so we will take care of you” really doesnt gel with me very well.

True, the kids enjoyed throwing the “candles” around and no blade of grass was burned, but I still prefer the melting wax on my fingers and protecting the flame from the passing breeze. And if that fails, its always fun to ask for a flame from a fellow human being next to you. I thought it will be a bit weird if I go and ask the couple next to us to push the button of my fake candle and I doubt it would have made for a great conversation starter. Probably best, because who knows, they might be serial killers or something.

The carols didnt do much for me, plus there was something off with the sound, but I had a great time. I was spotted by a friend and we had a good chatter while the kids ran around the lush green grass and kept on stalking a pet bunny that was sitting next to us.

My favorite part was the walk back in the night. There is something in the warm summer evenings that make it impossible not to enjoy.