The cookie workshop, late into the night

The cookie workshop, late into the night

I promise you, you will get sick of cookies by the time I am done with Christmas. I know I am.  But since I put so much effort into the things, I think I deserve to show off and milk the situation as much as possible. So this is me, milking.

I had Swedish cookies left over from the batch I sent off to family and friends. Then I baked two more types of cookies. One of them is a somewhat traditional Bulgarian honey cookie. Searching for recipes and ideas, I stumbled upon some mind blowing decorations. One of them appealed to me a lot – check out these creations. Being a kind of person that thinks she can do anything, I ventured in the deep end with zero experience.

Without the right tools, I ended up just making a hole in a bag and using that for most of the work. I had no plan, which is rarely a good idea with these kind of things, but luck was on my side and I only had two duds – the first one was where I realized I dont have the right tools; and the last one, when I realized I was over the whole process.

Having done the hard work the night before, on Christmas Eve I had to pack the cookies, so they are ready for the morning fun.

I liked the effect of sparkle that was given by the sugar I decided to sprinkle on the cookies, about half way through the baking process.

But the all time favorites of all the cookies I managed to produce this festive season were the Mexican wedding cakes – round balls of roasted nuttiness generously dusted in sugar and favorite for everyone; the pecan shortbreads – that managed to melt Mr.Blab into pleasure oblivion.

And last, but not least, definitely not least, the chocolate wafers.

They may not be the pretties cookie, but those little fellas are the most wonderful, full of chocolate flavor, light and crunchy beauties I have ever made.

And to top it all off, they are very easy to make.

The cookies safely nestled in their boxes, I was ready to welcome the morning.