Remember the magazines we gave the girls as a Christmas gift? They were not only very appreciated as such, they provided for our fun and games after the gift-giving was over.

The living room was turned into a creative hub, read ‘upside-down”, and we joined in the fun of cutting up and making characters from what we can find in the otherwise useless publications.

Here are the submissions by Little B:


Next, Miss Fab took the stage.


I had a lot of fun. I have been meaning to join in the new cutting addiction, but never got around to it. So I was enjoying finally getting my hands in the pages and thinking of what I can come up with.

My models were ready and entered the scene.

And, my pride and joy:


Mr. Blab, having hidden behind the tree, shows up and wows us with his take on the brief.

This one, took my laughing breath away!

Savor in the genius of this work of art.

To finish up the parade, we made quick collection of each of our favorites.

Me and Mr.Blab:

Little B:

Miss Fab, who after seeing what Little B picked, wanted to add the Fish Cat Woman to her selection too, so just imagine its there:

$5 worth of magazines = much appreciated gift  + hours of laughter and priceless family fun time.

You have got to try this!