Christmas Eve picnic

Christmas Eve picnic

I have grown up with a Christmas Eve tradition. That was the big event, the time when everyone is cooking, preparing, anticipating. We opened gifts after the elaborate vegan dinner. This was not some kind of hippy thing, just an old tradition, kind of like a fast.

Mr.Blab loved it and we have kept the evening ritual, although a lot has changed over the years and the Christmas celebrations. Since we are not bound by religious beliefs, we are free to explore and find what works for us, and that is exactly what we have done. We have had a Christmas chair one year, meticulously decorated. There was a futon, which was handy to hold all the gifts. For a few years after the kids showed up we had a live tree, but it was not really us. Eventually we settled into the current format.

The  official dinner turned into a cozy picnic in front of the lit tree; and slowly, the elaborate hot dishes were replaced by salads and dips for the piece de resistance – The Bread. This is one Christmas tradition that will  never die.

The bread is stuffed with ‘lucks’ and baked. Warm and wrapped in cloths it is turned 3 times on a walnut by the eldest on the table. Then everyone picks their piece and thus, their lucks for the next year.

My lucks for the next year are: Skill and Fun.

Miss Fab: Excitement and Adventure

Little B: Happiness and Love

Dod: Overseas Friends

Mr.Blab: Good Deeds AND The Coin

The coin is what everyone is after, as it stands for everything in abundance.

This year’s dips were hummus and roasted capsicum.

I have a soft spot for our Christmas Eve picnics and laying on the floor with full belly and admiring the most wonderful tree there was.