The night before

Its hit me.

The whole being away from the family part has hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. I guess it was inevitable and I was just waiting for the moment to happen, but it sucks never the less.

The day was crazy a bit and lots of running around, chores, tasks and whatnots. I managed to take the girls out to a local garden shop and cafe place for some hot chocolate and cakes and scones. That was all yummy and the garden part was fun to explore.

Dinner, as ordered by the big sister and movie night as usual on Saturdays – big comfy pad in front of the TV, comforter and huge bowl of freshly popped popcorn. A little fella jumping around and “flying” on your knee form time to time. Bliss!
Cuddles for good night and some made up songs about two little girls/bears/butterflies followed by plethora of “I love you more”s…all this leaves this poor soul with a few trickling tears in the dark, stroking the head of a sleeping girl.

I will miss them so much.

And I still havent packed.