And then it was Christmas morning

And then it was Christmas morning

The kids have known for awhile that this year the holidays will be even lower key than usual. I think there was some parental apprehension in regards to the few presents we were contributing to the mix (read Mr.Blab). But we stuck to those guns, be it barely, and we still had a wonderful time, if not better.

Miss Fab had gotten me an iPad!

..which was promptly stolen by the little dude that runs around the house.

Our reusable gift bag kept on being carried away into the various rooms where gifts were being hidden and coming back with things, mostly handmade.

A dancing Michael Jackson for a die-hard fan?


Basketball hoop, player and ball for a crazed game fan? But of course.

This year, I was dreaming of and got a pile of… prosciutto di Parma! You should have seen my eyes, popping out of my morning haired head. I love prosciutto, but avoid buying it often because its just so expensive and I finish it in no time. This was a heavy load of thinly sliced heaven, accompanied by Gorgonzola and double Brie cheeses, as well as olive oil mini bread crackers.

(All of it gone in less than 30 hours. )

A very much appreciated gift by the girls was the heavy selection of magazines we collected from the op-shops and library rejects. Who said that fun and thoughtful gifts are expensive?

When all was said and done, and there was not a whole lot of it, the gift that left huge sparkles in the kids eyes was the most basic.

Cookies made and decorated with love.

The boxes were carried around like babies, cuddled, stroked and protected by wondering hands. Cookies were taken out and admired only to be put back in a hurry.

In the end pleasure took over.

And they were all gone within 30 hours. The best present, as voted by everyone, including Mr.Blab, who of course got a box of his own.

(See, there are advantages to not giving family cookies – you can wow them when the need arises).