Next season’s fashions

Next season’s fashions

I have not been up to writing lately, my fingers just dont want to do the typing. On the other hand, my brain is on a wild ride of mental treadmill it seems. Just goes on, and on, and on. If you only knew all the wonderful posts and topics I write in there, I am sure I will gain a reader or two, at most.

So I thought I will raise the cultural level of the place, for a change. Art is always good for the soul and for reaching the upper levels of blog visitors – and with this post, I am aiming high, baby. I am talking A.R.T.

I have searched far and wide for the latest fashions, ran up mountains, fed goats, ate grass and risked my life for a lot of insider information, the kind you dont just get willy-nilly. All this just so you can look your best when you step foot outside your door. Talk about self-sacrificing, its probable I overdid it, maybe. (translation: the girls have a new fun activity of chopping up magazines and creating funny characters and then calling us for a fashion show; I took pictures and now I claim credit for it).

Drum-roll….fancy shmancy, new-age, but not too much music fills the hall and in enters,Robert, the MC:

The show is opened , by a positively glowing familiar face in a beautiful pink dress:

You didnt think I will hire just any models to present this, did you?

No, no.


If pink is too weak for you, George will present the red bombshell of a dress, sure to impress.

Big head?

No problem, high fashion is just for you, with a Christmas touch.

Baby, with diamond studded nappy, I am sure.


Robert’s wife, in a white stunner, comes to carry off her husband in the seam of her flowing skirt.


Brad in silver, wondering where his daughter has gone.

Red for the Wiggles and…her, the soy milk chick.

Some of my favorite looks for the season – dog head and Keith Urban in feathers.

George is back in black and yellow.

Summer Brat and Brat looking at his butt – in pink again. Dusty pink.

Those two are just adorable.

Sophisticated Brad.

And for a suitable ending, who else, but:

Dont dispair, there will be more.

But for now enjoy some carefully chosen entertainment to the stars for the Intermission. All the way from Mywomb – The flying Dod!

*gasps in the crowd*

*deafening applause fills the room*

Welcome to the second part of our show, specially compiled by the most talanted Little B.

Babies feature heavily next season, make sure you have at least one on hand.

Same goes for wigs, big lips, boobs, flowery dresses and hairy arms.

I am proud to boast that Bruno agreed to join this extravaganza of taste we have prepared for you.

Wow, he has never looked better, except that thong maybe…or was it a bag? Suspenders?

See, big lips. Get lipotized®, people!

Drunker John showed up, in cheap pink viscose dress…

..and caused some disturbance.

But some controversy never hurt the publicity of such an important event.

We fix the mood with a flying number. Oh, the grace.

To finish this bonanza of style – Brad in pale blue and pooddle, is it a bag?, struts his long perfect legs to the owe of the audience.

Now you are all ready to win every battle of images. Just pick a few of the tricks presented and you will be the talk of the town, guaranteed.

And this blog? We are now in the strathosphere of sophistication. No, that is for amateurs…we are in the exosphere, baby. A.R.T!

You are welcome.