Vitosha Mountain and bye bye Sofia

Vitosha Mountain and bye bye Sofia

I decided since I leave tomorrow its about time to catch you all up on happenings before the busy days begin again. I am a bit behind and will finish off Sofia with this post.

Vitosha mountain is our Mount Fiji with one important difference, you can actually see Vitosha from the city, unlike our Japanese counterpart, which you only see once in a blue moon under the complete right absolute perfect rare conditions.

It is about 10km trip from Sofia and is gorgeous, if I may say so. One day we drove by a near by neighborhood (a day when I decided to spare myself the weight of the camera of course) and I was amazed how beautiful it looked. You could see its green from all the rain slopes and curves and shadows. It looked like a set for a movie, unreal in its magnificence against the gray city.

Unfortunately I have no picture of it from the city, but I quickly found some images if you are curious – here one and here another

So one day I went up there with my relatives. Bliss.
We still have some amazing nature and conditions for everything – breath taking mountains, skiing resorts, coast to die for, camping, walking, climbing… its all here. If only there were people who wanted to develop it instead of just steal and run.

We took a walk around. Unfortunately Sofia was either covered in smog or fog, but it wasnt possible to take a good picture of it from up there.

Yours truly captured again ;)

After we finished some exploration we had lunch at a little hostel up there. I had a traditional bean soup. Yum, yum, yum!

Then the next night we had dinner on top of the NDK, remember that big building called National Palace of Culture? Right there, on top. Lovely restaurant with an even better view of the city.
The food was lovely and the service was too. I was hoping that when the night came the lights will come out and I will be able to take some great pictures of Sofia at night. It didnt happen. Darkness overtook the place and no great lights came on. Sofia at night sucks, but at least its good for the environment.

So this is my birth place in a nut shell. Good and bad, strange and wonderful, crazy and frustrating…but never dull. Lots of history has frown through these lands and even more hardship. It is what it is and I both love and ache for it and what has happened in the last 20 years. I hope for the best for the future, there are people that still deserve it around here.

I am tearing up right now, but its only the hormones trying to mess with my head. A part of me will always be here, but my home is with my family far away now. (ok, tears are flowing, I admit it).

Tomorrow I am off to London and I hope to be able to post about the main event – the great wedding – on the plane. I will have a few hours to waste.

Thank you all again for taking this journey with me. I hope I am able to guide you through well enough. Most of these posts are made impromptu, whenever possible, often in parts.