The oven is on – why bake?

The oven is on – why bake?

I have no idea – the answer to the question.

I enjoy cooking, but baking is not my forte. I have no idea even about basic things, like shortbread mixture or quick cake dough. I need a recipe, right there to guide me, because my brain lacks the autopilot or enough information to get on with creative thought.

In short, I am a pathetic baker. Yet, lately I have started venturing into the warm field of oven goodies. It has not been a conscious decision, more like an invisible tide is pushing me into the direction – or maybe Mr.Blab has found a way of hypnotizing me, because he is gleaming like a child at any suggestion that I may be baking. He is a sugar addict, you see. He has a lot to gain by this new direction.

I decided to bake this Christmas.

Its a messy business – the flour, the sugar, the sticky stuff left on the bowls, the mixer attachments, the butter…its messy.

But, oh, so…beautiful.

I can see why people get immersed in the sweet world of cookies and mouth watering desert making. Its the security in knowing that the result will be enjoyed that makes it so appealing. Who doesnt like a good cookie? Which child has sat at a table with a desert in front and refused to eat it, because of that funny looking piece of chocolate chip, right there? Its like an instant pleasure for large and small, assured return on investment.

I can fully see it.

The spark in the eyes of the kids as I hand them the freshly baked [something] is big and all directed at me. I am a hero, I am the best, I am the hand that gives the pleasure.

Oh, the smells, the colours, the tastes.

Unfortunately for my man and children, these cookies are not for them and I have no intention of making a habit of this very self-gratifying process. Because as much as I can see the appeal, I still think that most of baking should be saved for the rare occasions in life, when a bit of indulgence will bring more taste benefit than health damage.

Oh, but its hard. The pull is big and I am pretty sure Mr.Blab is playing something in my ear as I sleep…I am sure…maybe I should bake…