Love chemistry

Love chemistry

Watching my kids love each other bring a special kind of butterflies deep in my soul.  Hearing them laugh, run around; make special signs or funny sayings; or just help each other is good, really good. Trust me, especially if you have the one child. You may have it easier for a bit, your boobs may be firmer, your bank account fuller than mine, but you cant be stopped in your tracks as you are walking in the house by this:

I have no idea what about it is so satisfying to me. Which part exactly tickles my soul, but it does. Its like  the love I have for each of them makes sparks as it meets in those moments. No, its more like fireworks!

It doesnt have to be some perfect moment either, nothing fancy or movie-worthy required for that reaction to occur. It could be just simple sharing of the long forgotten mp3 player on the stairs in the middle of the house.

The Dod bobbing his head to his sister’s directions, just because she is so cool, you see. He knows she loves him like “he is the best thing that has ever happened” to her. And she does, there is no question about it. She even let him draw all over her legs, because he liked it.  With a permanent marker.

There they sit, in the quiet, bobbing heads to music I cannot hear,

..and my heart trembles and oozes with the warm feelings that swarm my body and overflow in my eyes.

I shall call it the indirect love chain reaction…nah..

I shall call it Lovey, and it shall be mine, and it shall be my Lovey.

Cause I am addicted and I want more…and more…and more.