Isnt best of life always in the little things?

I know we are supposed to think big, we have to make long term plans and have the next step planned and ready. They say, that this makes for a good life – improvement, growth, more and more and more – aiming for something more that what one has now.

I have found this to be a false premise. Looking too intently ahead and too big, means we are not paying attention to the present and all the things that make it wonderful and satisfying in its own right.

Like a bare bottomed two year old, taking pleasure in just being.

Whats grand is those two pe-pees (aka. toes)  flying through the air, or lying splat on the floor. Grand!

Or being tickled; then running away; and then coming back to be tickled again.

Standing in amazement at the shot, that could have been oh-so-inappropriate-for-public-viewing, but yet, time stood still at the right moment and now you can enjoy it without getting chased by the police.


But mostly its in those moments, when life engulfs us in its simple beauty, if only we pause for a moment and let it work its magic on us.

Like the pure love in someone’s eyes, just for you, just now.


I am glad I didnt miss it while organizing for tomorrow.

Weee-e-e-e! I love them little things.

Tell me some of yours.