Park day

Park day

Today was one of those days. A day when the weather cools down and the clouds give relief from the choking heat, people are fighting over to pay for our old guinea pig cage, but most importantly, we were off to the park with icy cold drinks and packed sandwiches in the bag – to meet up with friends at the park.

Its always nice to have these big meet ups of school-free kids. I enjoy the conversation with the parents, the children run around wild and explore, and without trying we never fail to have fun.

Contrary to what you may think, I dont walk around with a camera stuck to my eye. In fact, if you dont really know me, you wont even know I take pictures – a lot. Today, though, I am glad I grabbed the camera on the way out the door.

The park was beautiful.

I loved watching the odd colour peeking in between the trees, indicating a group of kids exploring the creek. There were buckets with tadpoles carried around, mud thrown about and the compulsory wet, dirty feet.

Here is the view as I went with the Dod to the toilet.

And on the way back, we saw this amazing rock.

The Dod, who was entertained by two styrofoam cups and water, which he poured to and fro…then he had fun breaking them to pieces.

Serious business.

And somewhere there, in the distance, are my other kids, jumping the longest rope.

I love how well those kids play together. The sight of boys jumping elastics and ropes with the girls without even a hint of awkwardness is so soothing for my jarred soul. Maybe, just maybe, there is some hope for my grand, grandkids.

The light at the ‘pool’ was changing, so I snapped a few moments for my personal memory bank.

Dodman got given a special red chair to sit next to me, which he savored gladly. Then life got even better, when one of the little girls started bringing him corn chips.

Hm…King Dod…there is…well…you have a chip on your shirt.

Who cares..

When you have kind people, feeding you crunchy stuff, and you dont have to even move a toe off your fancy red chair.

We spent hours, sipping tea (yes, the king likes tea too), coffees, nibbling things; discussing dreams of moving to a small town and building each other’s houses; education, we always nibble that topic, as we are all very deep into the kids learning experiences – new sites, new approaches, new ideas, it all gets discussed.

And the time flies, and the kids get messier, and before we know it  its time to pack up.

The sun showed up and brought back the afternoon color with it.

I collected my children and piled them in the car.

A few minutes into the drive, the King’s eyes turned back behind his droopy lids and he was sound asleep, I suspect dreaming of the park. If not him, then I will have these greens sparkle in my sleep tonight. I am sure of it.