Black and white minute

Black and white minute

So life is not fair.

At least not fair to each individual creature in it. It probably reaches a level of fairness over time, as a whole, on a grand scale of things, but you and I are pretty much nuts to expect that of it.

I am not sure what I want to say. My head is an ocean of thoughts whose waves are flushing the sides of my consciousness and I am not really sure where they are taking me. I can go all soap boxy on you, or I can just float around on a soft creative fluffy cloud. Actually, the soap box is just calling my name, but I dont want to step on it just yet. The waves need to carve a more defined cave before I do that.

So life is not fair. Are we shortchanging our children to believe that it is, that it can be? Its like making them believe they can fly and then leaving them at the top of the cliff.  Maybe they should know its steep, its dangerous and hilly, so they dont melt down at the first stumble.

As grown ups we lie to them constantly – if you study, you will have a good life; if you take drugs, you will be ruined; if you are good, you will succeed; if you this…this will happen. I wish life was that black and white, it will be so easy to maneuver it. Instead its more like a gray soup.

Expecting life to be fair, makes sure that kids will be disappointed and hurt as soon as they crash into it face-to-face without the parental seat belt. No, studying secures nothing; trying a few drugs will not ruin your life; good people suffer; bad people have the time of their lives; hard work does not equal success and hurting someone is not always bad.

Life is beautiful, but not in its fairness to each of us. Fair means predictable, and life is anything but that -  that is the best and worst of it, all in one. It brings highs and lows, laughter and cry, hardship and luck. We cannot tame it, its constantly changing and surprising us. We need to be flexible, with legs bent in the knees, ready for the next bump, which is always coming, I bet money on it.

My little darling, the paved road doesnt exist, watch for bumps, ride them out confidently in the knowledge that they are a normal part of the trip, and soak in the highs when they come.

The rest is a lot of baloney.