Passports poop time

Passports poop time

Did you know that an Australian Passport is AU$200! It used to be cheaper, but then they made them all micro-chipped, bio-fancy, something-rather, and now they ask for your arm to make it.  Its a racket, because I am more than happy to have an ordinary passport, just paper and picture, but nobody is asking me.

Thankfully I did mine before my last trip and it should be good for another, but the rest of the family are completely bio-passport free. And this is a bad news for any sort of budget; a step we have been dreading. Put on top of that a bunch of other nationality passports that need to be organized and we are bleeding money before we have even blown a hair out of the country.

Thankfully, a tiny little bit, we save on passport pictures, as yours truly does that too. Remember? I am Jacket of All Trades. You need it, I will do it; I might need to figure out how to, but I will.

It was passport snaps time in the house the other day. Some did better than others.

I wonder how long it takes strange people with a camera to take a very specific shot of a 2 year old – not smiling, not winking, straight looking, no boogers and definitely no crying. I guess they just shock them somehow and that is why all passport photos look like police line-up ones.

We were not going very well ourselves.

He is a bubbling fizz of warm happiness, yet somehow he knew the pressure was on and didnt appreciate being put on the spot. A few minutes later he would burst in on Mr.Blab’s shoot, potty in hand (poppy, as he calls it), grinning ear to ear and calling:

– Nine! Nine!….Poppy….Nine!

We have a genius on our hands. And yes, you are presented with a picture of a poop, but not just any poop, a special kind.


Hope you were not eating.

But before that, he just sat on that table, looking unhappy and inquiring and making it hard to take his special picture. I wonder if the nine poo was causing him discomfort…

We will never know.

Eventually, though, I stole the shot. Here is my little budding traveler:

Why Morocco?

Why not.
I personally would love to visit, if we have any money left after those darn passports.

Lets hope.