Cook-A-Long in the house

Cook-A-Long in the house

Whats a Cook-A-Long?

Apparently its not about cooking something of extended length, just a play on words by someone that was half-a-sleep.

But once you get past the catchy title, this was a fun idea by Junior Masterchef, a show the kids and us have enjoyed the last few weeks. Basically everyone that wanted to participate had to get ready with the ingredients, measure them, chop them, and then watch the Friday night episode and follow the directions of the chef and make the thingo-majigo.

Miss Fab jumped at the opportunity and with great excitement made lists, checklists and follow up lists. Friday afternoon she was busy chopping, measuring and reading from before mentioned lists with all the seriousness a girl can muster.

Utensils – check!

Ingredients – Check!

Its like the people running the show dont have children, because they left the fun for the end of it – or its just a simple trick to make sure all the ads have viewing public – where else can you capture so many anxiously fluttering young minds.

Miss Fab practiced her knife skills instead.

…and waited…

Then, suddenly it was time.

Like, right now!


I had to jump in with a hand assistance, as the bowl was spinning around and she was frantically trying to keep up.

Chocolate sauce on top and then straight in the oven.

Who knew that whipped cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla is called crème Chantilly?

I didnt. But now I do and that is what was the next step – whipping the fancy named cream.

And more whipping.

Before you know it, the oven doors were opened and these things came out.

Then Miss Fab got busy plating.

And we had chocolate self saucing puddings with creme Chantilly and caramelized orange peel.

All four of us.

The Dod was fast asleep, again, and missed the opportunity to join in, but Mr.Blab took care of his share, so nothing was lost in the universe.

It was hectic. The recipe was easy, but trying to keep up with them was what stressed Miss Fab out. Still, it was fun and the result was yummo. Although I would have put more sauce in there, I like chocolate to be rich, saucy and plentiful – dripping in its overabundance.

Still, nothing was left, so it couldnt have been that imperfect.