How to pick a movie

How to pick a movie

For our Friday night movie extravaganza, we have developed a system of taking turns as to who is choosing the movie. We went from the youngest to the eldest and that way until just recently, when Dodman’s sisters decided that he should now be included and have a rightful spot as the Very Important Movie Chooser.

Keeping in mind that while we are watching said movies, the boy is fast asleep, drooling on mine or Mr.Blab’s pillow, this right is somewhat wasted on him. But the girls were determined to defend his honour and that is how he took his turn on the age-driven deciding throne.

A plan was agreed to, according to which, each of us pick a movie then The Dod is presented with our choices and makes the final decision. This works great, but since some of our movies dont have their covers, we were led to an even funner ceremony. We all draw the cover for the movie we have chosen and then the little pantless boy decides on the winner.

And that is how we ended up here:

Me: Heidi

Little B: Happy Feet

Mr.Blab: Big

Miss Fab: Milo and Otis

I decided to put my money on a big smiling, colorful face.


The little bare bottomed boy, picked the worst cover of them all, as agreed by the other participants.

Yeah, he thought mine was a close second, but second might as well be last.

I think it was the wonky scary eyes and the ugly nose that ruined me.

Yep, thats it.

And now you know how to play Pick-A-Movie.

Go and have fun.