Orange and green and something in between

Orange and green and something in between

We are growing a few new things at the moment. Sugar snap peas, which were an overwhelming success, none of them made it to the house or even a few meters away from the plant.  Garlic, because we eat the stuff like its essential for air to enter our lungs, and we all know how important air is to living. Interestingly, I had never considered growing it before, as I always thought it will be quite complicated and definitely not for someone without a green anything on their body, let alone a thumb.  But paying $30 per kilo for garlic does something to a person, something that inspires them to grow it themselves.

It turns out its not that hard. We basically bought a bulb of organic garlic – to avoid them being sprayed and killed – and then broke it into cloves and stuck those in the ground. So far it seems that they are doing great, and Mr.Blab admitted to digging into the roots the other day and seeing quite a big bulb growing there. I cannot wait to try them.

And carrots.

I got a pack of various carrot seeds and now we seem to have orange and white ones. The white ones, well, suck. I dont know if they didnt like the amateur care they got from us, or they just generally suck, but that is what seems to be happening. The one we tried a week ago was stringy and bitter. The orange ones, on the other hand, have been wonderful.

Trust me. Ignore the visual.

And there is something so wonderful in having the carrot whole, with its greens still attached. I always liked that about baby carrots and now we get to enjoy it fully – in its whole bushy glory.

I loved taking these photos, and I took a lot, believe me.

But then my model decided to just go and do something more interesting.

Like eating the prop with his sister.

And looking at this set up, I find it amazing and quite self-gratifying that I, me,  grew both – the model and the prop.

…and the sister, while we are at it.

Yes, that was me blowing my horn. I bet you didnt see that end for this story ;)