Where my beast led me

Where my beast led me

We had a deal, you and I, to wake-up, to shake off the dust, to awaken and unleash the creative beast within us. Remember?

I did. I wanted to play.

And this was a lot of fun, I only wish I knew before I actually started taking the pictures, because it took me some time to get going. My brain needs time to simmer, though, I like to stew on my ideas for a bit – few thoughts here, few there and mostly at night, right before I drift off to sleep, it seems to be my creative time.

The first idea started from a pile of toys the girls have, I have wanted to do something with them for awhile now, and it was their time. Miss Fab was not very sure about my idea, but went along with it. We started positioning the toys and laughing all the way through.

Then she took her position and became my first model. The toilet guy is my favorite (ejection lines courtesy of Miss Fab).

The second idea started with the background material. I just knew I wanted to use it, just had to think of how. I really liked the shots where the the kids are used in full body and achieve a flying effect, but my material was limited and I had to think of something else. Something that will need just part of Little B’s body, my second volunteering model.

After some stewing, the plan was made and we put it into motion. Then it went a bit wild and some other ideas were born along the way.

There was some monkeying around…

And Little B couldnt help but join in the fun.

I knew where this was going

but before I had time to send a parental warning…


..and it was too late.

Now I want to do more ;)

This approach is so versatile and open that the options are limitless. Sometimes it makes it harder to have the sky as your limit, but it can be so much fun.

Too bad your beast is still sleeping, or maybe it led you somewhere else, somewhere more exciting…