Last day at the beach

Last day at the beach

This day we decided to spend the late afternoon by the pool while the rest of the troops rested. We managed to chat a bunch and someone even managed to steal my camera and snap a few shots of my willing self.

I told you I was willing!

Its strange to be on the opposite side of the lens. But since the pictures of me in the vault are quite rare, I took it like a big girl, I think.

But I returned the favor, just to even out the score.

At some point we got some food, cause the rest of the piggying out was not enough you see. I swear I must have put on a gazillion kilos in the last week. Thank Goodness I dont carry a scale with me, or maybe I should have plopped that too with my other things and I would have gotten myself scared to eat less…who knows. Either way, I ate myself silly. At least most of it was in the form of salads, so hopefully the damage is not too severe.

Later on the rest of the troops joined in and it gave me some opportunity to take some more photos. Kids and water – fun, fun, fun!

Grandma love! Those two were inseparable.

And with that my stay at the coast pretty much ends. The next morning we are off back to Sofia.