Gidgegannup time of the year again

Gidgegannup time of the year again

A year has gone by and it was time for us to load in the car and head off to the Gidgegannup Show, just as we did last year to enjoy a day of poop, food and lots of sun.

We didnt get disappointed and we will continue boycotting the Perth Royal Show for as long as we reside here. There is only so much pure consumerism one can take with their good old agricultural festival.

Also, old barrel tractor trains rock,  and they dont have those at the Royal show.

The Dod was most impressed with the equipment on show. He has somehow managed to overcome the pinkness, the fluffy outfits, the bracelets and whatnots and ended up liking trucks, buses and random road building machinery. I have my suspicions that someone has been influencing him, but will keep quiet.

A bit of a game to pass the time.

The silver fairy spread some sparkles around.

Little B got some personal batch.

We love gozleme. We eat them whenever possible.

It was possible and we ate.


Then it was time for the birds and if you read last year’s post you will know that we have a soft spot for them. This time the boy could enjoy them pecking feathery friends too.

What is there not to like?

They have attitude.

They are fluffy and not.

The fluffy one thought I was hot.

Then there are those that are curious.

Graceful and beautiful.


And then there were those that were not at all.

Sorry fella, do you need some help?

Yeah, we spent a lot of time with the birds.

But there were lots of other animal friends.

I dont think the cows liked me.

Creativity at the competition arena.

The kids joined in the fun.

We watched with funny faces on.

Look at the big man. He is not a baby anymore.

Although he would still trade it all for some boobie time ;)

This is Mr.Blab hiding behind the wooden column. Quite unsuccessfully, may I add.

But I especially like the face of the guy that is coming over.

And then it was time to head back home, but not before some quiet time in the car.

Me and my little grubby-nosed boy and his all encompassing eyes.

It was just one of those days, when nothing exceptional happens, just mellow, warm and fun with farm animals. And chickens, lots of chickens.

Til next time, Gidgegannup, although hopefully not next year.