2 Days to Go

2 Days to Go

Seems like some strange calm has come over me. It cannot be normal to be that relaxed when I am jetting off in two days and not much has been done, let alone baggage to be packed or anything of that orderly matter.

I did spend the morning in the city, fixing sandals, wasting almost an hour waiting at the bank for some measly cash in Yen and Euros – it was high season they say, lots of demand for those services. Then why was there a free bank teller seat right next to the only one opened to serve us, eager international customers? But, I  have given up on expecting reasonable behavior from banks.

The delay pushed my lunch right into the lunch of all those poor 9 to 5 people, which meant that a simple sandwich purchase took almost as long as growing all the produce for it. I managed to spend some more money in between, which might become a habit in the next 2 months. Keep it quiet though, Mr Blab doesnt have to know.

Spent the afternoon dealing with Dell, not how I planned it to. But at least I got the mouse sorted and its ready to work for me while away.

I had promised the girls we will do some pictures of us, so we have some for when I am away and even though I really didnt feel like it, I set it all up. It turned out heaps of fun as usual. I have some fun loving family, thank goodness, and I love them to bits. They make me so happy, most of the time…well, lets leave it at the goo goo gaa gaa stage and talk about the other times later.

Here is our Girls’ Team in our glory. Not the most creative shots, but keep in mind I had to set the whole thing up, put the camera on a tripod and ask Mr Blab to just press the button every once in awhile. The girls also took turns doing that important job and I think they did a bit better, but again, dont tell him that or he may refuse to be a button pusher again.

Is this happiness or what?

No, I had nothing more important to do than goof off with the kids.
What trip?

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa…whooshy gaga…

Crap! There are things to be done..