Update on trip happenings

I have not been chatting a lot about the trip, as even though we are working towards it and fully planning to do it at this time, I still dont feel like its real – I guess I dont want to make a huge fuss about it and then having to say shunks, the car needs new tires and so we wont do the trip after all, lets talk about the garden. Shudder.

Still, I have had lots of questions and there is interest out there, so I will give a quick update for anyone that is thinking of maybe doing something similar.

We are at Stage One of Complete Mess and Chaos, as it is well known, I am sure. And if its not, it should be, because it describes quite well where we are at.  The digging process has started – this involves going through boxes, cupboards and wardrobes and trying to sort things out. This sounds much more organized in writing than it actually is though. The whole thing is a bit chaotic and pretty much makes more mess – sleeping stuff is best left sleeping unless you have an exit strategy for it. This process aims at trying to decide what we want, what we can take on the trip and what we want to get rid of.

So far we have a small pile of jackets that will be handy for colder weather while we are gone. We are going for ones that can be squished to almost nothing – puffy sort of stuff. We want to be prepared for cold, but we also dont want to cart heavy bulky bags.  Mr.Blab dug out a top for me that is quick drying and thin, so that is there too.

We are also trying to sort out our finances. As one of the plans is liquidize and pull all our money together and make them work for us for interest, to pay some of the trip, we have started to dig up dormant accounts and shares up. Mr.Blab has been battling with a barrage of administrative problems that have come up with deciding to sell old shares up – as we have had them for awhile, now there are things that need to be done to bring us up to date with the current unnecessarily complicated requirements. This took almost 2 months!

Along the way we keep on reading about the places we hope to visit, borrow books (which just makes us want to leave tomorrow) and daydream. That last bit, I would say, is imperative for such a big, life changing undertaking. Because it can become scary and daunting, thinking about all that can go wrong and trying to think of ways to avoid it. And not just that, but as much as dropping everything and setting off gallivanting around the world sounds dreamy, it is also against all the rules for what a pair of responsible adults or good parents are supposed to do, especially when they are not financially set up. What we should be doing is taking respectable jobs, building careers, working hard to pay off our Australian dream (aka the roof over our heads, aka house). And as much as I dont seem to have a problem with curbing societal pressures, what we are doing is risky and Mr.Blab and I have had late night chats about our fears and doubts.

So no, we are not constantly buzzing about like silly, grinning with glee idiots. Not constantly, but most of the time, because shortly after we feel the gnawing teeth of doubt eating at our excitement, all we have to say to each other is “But this is what we always dreamed of” and we get the clarity we need.

Every time we used to talk about the future, we would imagine taking the kids on a long trip and showing them the world, the people, the cultures…that’s it, no plans for the Gold Coast (our version of Florida) for our comfortable retirement, or modern apartment in trendy Melbourne. I lied, there was also a dream of buying a motor-home in Europe and driving around all over for years, still along the same lines though, you would agree. This is something we always wanted to do, so why wait?

When someone asks us why dont we wait until the kids are older or until we have more money or  until…until…until, it assumes a fair amount of certainty in whats to come. I dont know about you, but I have no clue what the future holds for us – will our health be good, will our family be the one in two that make it, will our finances survive another recession. What we know is that we are healthy, happy and capable right now. Why should we wait to live our dream until tomorrow comes around and very possibly buries it in its busyness, complications and ever growing responsibilities?

And then all the fears are gone.