The ice cream post – no kidding

The ice cream post – no kidding

Maybe before now you thought that you liked ice cream. Its all soft and creamy, sweet with pleasant chill to the mouth and always yummy. Who doesnt like that?

Well,  ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to continue liking ice cream, stay away from this post, because I am about to bury you in photos of my child eating ice cream. BURY you! Like, there is you, under all those photos, but we dont really know you are there, because you are buried, probably gasping for air and definitely sick to your stomach when someone mentions ice cream…or photos.


Lets do this, for those brave of you that think they can take it.

Things start slowly with slight drip from the mouth.

And getting to know the new friend.

The new friend is our first attempt at making proper ice cream without an ice cream machine.

For the curious out there, the recipe is quick and simple:

3 egg whites + 4tbs sugar (mix to soft peaks)

3 egg yolks + 2tbs boiled water + 4 tbs sugar (mix to stiff peaks)

2 cups of cream (mix to soft peaks)

Combine all three mixtures and that is the base of the ice cream.

Add in flavour + 2tbs of alcohol (to keep the ice cream softer).
I used melted frozen blueberries and melon Midori.


Give to someone to enjoy and eat shortly, because this baby has no stabilizers – it wont last.

Luckily I had enough volunteers in the house to test the merchandise.

“I can sense somebody is watching me”


And then…



Most of the ice cream ended up on the bricks.

Ok, how cute are those leggies with those Cons and big t-shirt?

A bit cuter if I told you he is butt nakid under there?

Or does this work only for me?

Sorry to tell you, but this unfortunate accident did not spell the end of the barrage of pictures that is coming your way. Not at all. Because now the task was a bit trickier, but there was ice cream to be gotten and this boy was determined to get e-ve-ry last bit of it.

Then it was time for the finger.

And nothing could distract our hero from his task, not even loving kisses from random relatives passing by.


For a bit of a change of scenery, here are those leggies again.

Ice cream profile:

The face by now has been smeared and rubbed and wiped and dried and smeared in ice cream again.

The hair, the shirt and most of the backyard bricks are well marked with ice cream.

But this is not the end, sorry.

I love this little grubby boy.

If I could, I would eat him, with or without a belly full of ice cream.

“Ok, mom, I think 200 pictures of me eating ice cream are plenty ENOUGH”

Sorry, son,

they absolutely are NOT!