All gone!…I wish

All gone!…I wish

What happened here? Well, what happened is that my muse left me and life took over and I followed with a few days of lazy break off blogging. Better nothing than crappy something, right?

Middle of last week we planned to have a garage sale on the weekend, and that pretty much decided the faith of the rest of the week, which was busy, busy, messy and busy. I bet you that nobody knows exactly how much stuff they have until they have to actually go through it and have a real, I mean real,  look at it. We have moved across the country and know there are things in this house, a lot of things. But now that we are trying to get down to a bare minimum of possessions before our trip…we realized we have a big job ahead of us; I would say that this task is almost insurmountable, it sure makes my head spin and hurt.

So knowing that, we started the culling down process early and we are holding our breath that we will be able to finish it before February next year. And the events of this weekend dont leave me any more hopeful that this is an achievable goal.

Things started very well. The kids were excited and raided their room and old boxes in the garage and made a pile of stuff they wanted to sell. Yupee. Mr.Blab and I did the same and on the Saturday morning we were ready and set up.

Welcome! Welcome everybody!

We have stuff! More stuff than you can poke your bargain looking fingers at.

Take it, take it all, we sell cheap.

Oh, my goodness! Save us from this stuff!


And almost nobody showed up.

No kidding. There was a lonely bike rider, a rude early arriving supposed to be neighbour, he said he was, but I am not convinced, and that is it. The sun was shining, our spirits were dying and the sulky faces on the kids were killing the last sparks of hope in my soul.

Few hours before the end of our first garage sale day, Mr.Blab and I were out there, sitting on a pad, laughing at the now officially known as “the most pathetic” garage sale ever, and you would have to agree with us, because we may have been delirious from sun exposure, but having made only $3 over the $23 we had to pay for an ad, you would have had to agree.

Miss Fab, decided to take action and went to make our signs beautiful. We agreed that we need some marketing approach here, the boat was sinking and we had to shovel.

Later on her work sure made us smile ;)


We had a few late afternoon visits and managed to make a few more bucks.

Having lost faith in our ad, we made a plan for the next day. I was given a few boxes in the morning and I whipped out the paints and brushes (which I had to chase around the backyard from the kids ‘water painting’ activities) and I made some signs to go  on the big street a few blocks from us. We needed traffic and the traffic was there and we wanted it. Desperately.

The second day, we were more prepared for the not at all busy sale we were holding and made a cozy place under the look out tree, brought in blankets and games and set out to spend the day and make the best of it.

I used the many boxes of frozen berries in the fridge and made yummy frozen desert sticks and the girls drank the left over mixture.

All of it, to the very last purple colored goodness.

And then we waited for them to freeze.

In the meantime people started to come, cars were parking on our driveway, older couples were cruising the tables, we chatted up with all kinds of people and sales were happening.

The girls were filling their money jars with a few bucks here and there, and life looked a bit better again.

And once the impromptu deserts were frozen, bliss had arrived on our lawn.

And it had no pants, again.

The desert went like that: frozen berries, milk and a food processor,
although a blender will be better, but I dont have one, so I work with whatever I have. And no, I am not buying one, because we have way too much stuff as it is!


At the end, I dont know if it was because of Miss Fab’s prettifying our first signs, or my work on the new ones, or it could have been our relaxed new approach to the whole thing that brought in more people the second day, but we managed to make the weekend work at least worth it. Most people that came bought something, which is a good sign, if only we can have more of them come over. Still, we dont smirk at $200, no sirree.

Especially since most of it was spent relaxing under a tree.

Hey! Who’s pants are those?

Someone is walking around butt-naked, again…