TV bad?

TV bad?

The kids watch more TV than I would like them to. Its just such a wasted time, or at least that is what I think when I see them in front of the screen in the mornings.  My heart sings when they are laughing outside, or somewhere around the house, better yet,  if they do it while half covered in dirt/water/fruit left overs/whatever. Sings, baby.

The other day the girls are walking around, collecting tape, paper and strings, chatting something in the background and looking very determined. This is not a strange behavior, so I dont snoop on them, but wait to see what will come out of it. A bit later I go in the kitchen and am met with a lovely creative mess happening on the table. Stuff is brewing and could be smelled from far away. I cant stand it anymore and approach inquiring about the recipe. Excited, they fill me in on all the characters they are making.

Names, relationships, family trees…

I loved the little paper dolls, I swooned over them, because they are so full of life and always look unique with beautiful clothes, colors and patterns, expressive faces and outrageous hairstyles.

They were not the real plan though. They were just passengers.

The reason for the day’s creative cook off was paper planes. They made their own planes, decorated them and somehow put them up on the ceiling fan from the top bunk bed.

Wanna fly on Bling… or maybe Nature airline?

Passengers on board, the flights took over the sky.

Excited, the girls would save fallen passengers and try to figure out how to keep them safe in their seats. Then add on more decorations to the planes, as needed. This went on and on for most of the day.

At some point I asked where they got the idea for the planes.

They said, oh, from TV.

Well…fine. From where I am sitting, TV cant be all bad if it keeps the airspace busy. And ours was quite busy that day.