Not just a bear suit

Not just a bear suit

The girls and I went out for a bit today and when we came back, Mr.Blab said he had a surprise for us. We were allocated to the kitchen and ordered to wait. We waited.

And then – then – he showed up. The Dod made an appearance with a full bear suit on, and my vision went fuzzy, he was sickeningly adorable. The girls were screeching next to me, falling on the floor, “He is soooo cuuute”…”Oh my god!”…”Ohhhhh” and I am not sure I heard the rest because I lost my hearing after that.

He stood there, looking at us – perplexed, you may think, but not at all, he is used to this kind of reaction. Really, everything he does is “Oh, sooo cuuute!”; walking, attempting to jump, picking his nose, breathing, they all qualify. So with the, actually widely accepted as cute, bear suit on, this was taken to a new dimension.

The boy lasted about a minute or two of this crescendo and quickly started to get the suit off, to the horror of his melting admirers. “No! No! Noooooooo!” they shouted from their begging positions on the floor. No amount of persuasion was able to stop the inevitable and shortly the suit was standing in an empty heap on the floor, with two distraught girls wailing over it and for the good old days minutes when it was full of Dod.

Since he was obviously over this whole thing, the issue went quiet. For awhile.

Then since the begging was not successful, next came its logical successor – the bribing. And what is the best thing to bribe with? I am sure Bribery 101 will say: something that is very dear to the person you are trying to extract something from.

Books! The new books that the Dod got!

So I was witness to my eldest child offering to read all the new books to my youngest (oh, niiice), but only if he wears the bear suit at the time (EVIL!).  I didnt interfere in this obvious unequal battle of the wits; I’d like to say that it is because it will teach them to work through this kinds of situations and sound like the ever logical mother, but the truth is that I just wanted him back in the darn suit and left my daughter to do the dirty business.  So there, scorn me.

But we all got what we wanted and this time I had a camera in hand to capture the view.

Notice the little airan (watery yogurt drink) mustaches he has, notice.

He was not sticking around for pictures though, not at all. He wanted to get his part of the bargain and he wanted it NOW!

“I hate this suit, but I so love these books”

“Maybe I can kind of wiggle out of it and nobody will notice…”

” I hate this suit”

“Oh, look at that…Igglepiggle”

“Thats it! I hate this suit!”

To everyone’s horror, he stood up and made it clear he had enough of this abuse. His sister was again pleading for his cooperation in our new addiction to cute, but he was having none of it.

And the suit was gone, and so were his admirers – deal is a deal, no suit, no book readers.

He didnt seem to care.

“You can take my company, but you cannot take my DIGNITY!”

He sat there, lonely and still unbearably cute

(pun intended)

And I was thinking, what a horrible story. What have I done, look at the monsters I have raised. They can just blackmail their brother, use him and then  leave him unbearably cute, on the floor, with his books…and nobody to read them.

And then, thank my mother guardian spirits, the girls ran back.

The room was full of laughter again and books were read,

…with an empty bear suit close by.

Cause you never know when a certain someone might want to willingly, or unwillingly jump straight inside.