Smell my dinner garlic

Smell my dinner garlic

Hello my lovelies,

Tonight, while peeling the garlic for the sauce I was making, I noticed a pattern of the gloves as I was piling them up for chopping. They were begging me to include them in our current photo project. And since I have to be a good example and all (dont you just hate that), I conceded, and with the help of a lemon and Little B’s suggestion for a grass, I opened up the season with this probably not quite inspiring contribution; but at least I am in. I will not be a party-pooper.

Mind you, if I show up at a party after consuming this particular flower, I doubt I will be very popular.

In an attempt to make this post actually interesting, I will show you how this shot actually happened.

I rarely use the flash, and you can get a very similar effect if you shoot next to the window, but it was the end of the day and the light from the window was not strong enough so I decided to dust off and use my ‘fancy’ set up.

Too bad, I feel my subject was not worth the battery power used for the flash, but at least I will not poop on this party.

Will you?

P.S. I plan on doing something more interesting, ok.